The Used Book Lover's Guide to New England is divided up by
state, and each state is further divided into towns. Under the Bradford listing,
this is what their entry for our shop looks like.
Books by the LakeOpen Shop
Route 114 at Lake Massasecum(603)938-2315
Mailing address: RR Box 493 03221

Collection:General stock of hardcover and paperback.
# of Volumes:35,000
Hours:Wed-Sun 10-5:30, except Sat 12-5:30.
Services:Accepts want lists.
Travel:On Route 114, between Bradford and Henniker,
about five miles north of Rte 9/202.
Map Ref:Map 21, page 258.
Owner:Frank & Carol Cullinan
Year Estab:1993
Comments:A good sized, well organized collection with
hardcover volumes and paperbacks in the same subject
areas shelved next to each other or across the aisle.
The shelves are well labeled. most of the books in
this bi-level shop are in good condition and include
a sampling of first editions and Limited Club editions.
All in all, a comfortable, easy to browse shop looked
after by friendly owners. If you're interested in
books with an Irish flavor, you might want to ask the
owner about his special collection in that subject

Copied (with the kind permission of Susan Siegel) from
The Used Book Lover's Guide to New England (revised and expanded)
by David S. and Susan Siegel. Book Hunter Press, copyright 1995.

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