As you approach Books by the Lake from the north, heading south on Rte. 114 past Lake Massasecum, this is what you'll see on your right as you get to the driveway.

Books by the Lake is the barn to the right of the house (just visible in that picture). The barn is actually the same dimensions as the house, and, with the exception of one small area (for a car), is entirely devoted to the store. Our current estimate is that we have 45,000 volumes in the store.

This is a better picture of the barn, which really is the store, despite the fact that we don't have any signs hanging on it proclaiming 'BOOKS'. For some reason, people are continually suprised when they walk in there and find that there actually is a book store inside.

At about the same point from where that last picture was taken, if you look back over your shoulder, you'll see why we call ourselves Books by the Lake.

The lake is a good marker for finding the store for the first time. If you are coming from the north, this is the second point at which Lake Massasecum comes right up to the road. If you are coming from the south, it is the first time that it does it. (Don't be fooled by Day Pond, about 5 minutes further south along Rte. 114.)

I've finally updated this page with a couple of new shots, taken in the height of foliage season. The first shows the sign from the perspective of the top of the driveway.

While the second is another shot of the lake, made somewhat more attractive by the fall colors.

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