Eudora Plug-ins

Eudora is an e-mail program for sending and receiving mail on the Internet. I have written some accessory programs that work in conjunction with Eudora called: Plug-ins.

Crypto Plug-in This plug-in is used to encode and decode messages so your friends won't be reading them. Disclaimer: "Not to be used for US Government purposes."

Remove Quotes Plug-in This plug-in is used to remove all those pesky quotes ('>') from multiply forwarded messages.

Latvian Character Plug-ins These plug-ins are used to convert the Latvian font characters to the ASCII sequence x' and the reverse.

Remove Quotes and Unwrap Text Plug-in This plug-in is used to remove most of those pesky ('>') from multiply forwarded messages AND unwrap the text back to readable format, fixing all those short choppy lines.

I also have a text file containing "links" to Eudora ini file options. Copy this list into a Eudora email and they become active ini file links.

Eudora Options

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